Born in TRANQUERAS , a small town of a small agricultural country , Uruguay , those conditions where not enough to stop my pasion for art and cars , film and speed My first drawings aged at 4 years were cars . Then as learning and improving myself as teenager my drawings become technical desgns , rendering cars I dreamt. When aged 19 , a lottery win give me the chance to have my first car , a 1930 Ford Model A Double Phaeton soft top. Enjoying this car I start loving open road cruising , and then another dream become , my own designed sport roadster. The DellepiuS Roadster born in 1986 , the actual design was a second chance , as the project was grew very slow , because no money and no time. Over more than 10 years of loving sacrifice my life happens when in 2002 I could be able to register my prototype and use it as a legal car. My experience was great , as person and professional , some companies ask me for help in design and prototyping.
In 2003 I re design and made a 1968 Limited Formula , were I use an original racing chassis and add the powertrain and body completed to track use. Uruguay Design Channel

My works allow me to live for some time in New York City , designing and prototyping to Eurosport Manhattan Rally Team , where doing FRP parts and mould s for Audi rally cars.
New York friends make me know that it is not important where you come from , that is important is WHERE YOU WISH TO GO . DELLEPIUS Channel

In 2004 , Deceleste SA group of Uruguay decides to start the SUNTRIKE project , where my experience in design and prototyping was needed to finish the project.Unfortunately , many production changes , due to price lowering , get down the vehicle quality and shape.
My work was to finish Tabares and Correa designers work , from the 1/1 scale model to the compltetely car , including FRP parts and mouldings , chassis construction and set up , testing painting . The entire work to SUNTRIKE was near 8 months , reaching the target of 3 month to make the first runing proto. Uruguay Design Channel

In 2005 a friend I made when working to SUNTRIKE , Krause , ask me to design a cabin to adapt to a fishing boat . Then the renderings were made , the prototype start , and 3 month later , the new model was born after 3 month of works.
2006 was a rare year , one of SUNTRIKE employees decide to start up his own business , the RTM group inc invest in me torethink the TANGO three wheeler , an unlucky born project. My work begun at FRP parts , but chassis did not work , so , I re start overall project design new parts , chassis, testing , engine choices , really a hard time. My target , 3 month to made prototype run when investor came. All my work including re size the car for making production molds fifnish 8 month later. Then and again production car was so expensive , and quality goes down ,near 120 cars were made. Since that , because goverment economical politics , we are out of business because costs, now chinese own the market , an angry end for people born in Uruguay. Uruguay Design Channel


2 thoughts on “About

  1. So where are you now? I have a suntrike that I have been working on and could use some better info if you wouldn’t mind getting back in touch with me. I would like to make some of possible improvements you had I mind.
    How many suntrikes were actually produced?
    Gary McGibbon

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